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Welcome! These rules have been set into place so that everyone may have a safe, fun and relaxing vacation. Failure to respect the guidelines may result in being asked to leave without refund.  We do enforce these. Thank you!

Appropriate Behavior - In order to maintain a family friendly environment, please refrain from all profanity, lewd behavior or other activities that will spoil yours and others enjoyment. Inappropriate clothing displaying fowl language or behaviors is not allowed.
Alcohol - Alcohol is NOT ALLOWED on the property.
Marijuana - NO SMOKING of marijuana; recreational nor medical is allowed. if medical marijuana is prescribed, it must be used in a form other than smoking. Being high will be treated just like being intoxicated.  
Parking in the campground area is limited to one vehicle per site in addition to your RV. This vehicle must be parked on the pad, not on vegetation or on the road. Extra vehicles can be parked in the designated parking area. Never park on an empty campsite.
Visitors - All visitors are required to register upon entering the campground. Visitors will be required to purchase a day pass for $5.00 per car. You may pre-pay for your visitor, but they will still need to stop at the office. Visitors should park in the designated parking area. Your guests will need to exit the campground by 10PM.
Campground - You must be at least 18 years of age to rent a campsite or rental unit. A family of up to 6 people are allowed per site.  A family is defined as parents and their dependent children still living in their household.

RV's and Tents - We follow the campground rules set forward by the State of Michigan.  The state allows one RV per campsite or one tent per campsite.  The only exception made is if a family unit (parents and their dependent children still living at home) need two sleeping tents as opposed to one. Open sided food / shade canopies or screen tents are fine.  Four feet of emergency access space must be maintained around a tent.
Sleeping in cars, trucks or vans is prohibited.  In order to camp, you will need to have a camper / RV described as a self contained unit which has the capability of hooking up to water and or / 30amp electric.  If not camping in an RV, a sleeping tent will be required to camp. A screen tent is not considered a sleeping tent.
Campsite and rental unit check-in / out -  Campsite check in time is 2PM. Check out time is 12PM. Cottage / Cabin check in time is 3PM. Check out time is 11AM. If you would like to arrive earlier or stay longer, please ask about availability. If available, a late checkout may be had with the purchase of a day pass.
Fires - If you bring your own wood, please keep it closed in a trunk, box or tightly wrapped in a tarp until you burn it, and do not leave any transported wood behind. This is an important step in preserving the trees from destructive insects. Firewood is available for sale in the campground store. Please be kind and do not throw or leave trash in your fire ring.  Our staff has to pick any garbage and cigarette butts out of each fire ring when you leave.
Quiet Hours - 10PM through 8 AM. Please keep talking down to a low volume.  Please keep the volume of your radio confined to your campsite, and turn it off by 10PM.
Children - All children 10 years of age and under must be under adult supervision or the supervision of a responsible older sibling at all times. Please know where your older children are and what they are doing. No child should wander the campground alone
River - Swimming is permitted, but a lifeguard is not on duty. Children under 18 must be under the supervision of an adult when swimming or wading. No swimming or wading after dark. 
Fishing - Anyone 17 years of age or older is required to have a State of Michigan fishing license. Licenses and bait can be found in Colon. (10 minutes) Please stay well to the right of the amphitheater when fishing so as not to endanger anyone who might be swimming.
Pets - pets are allowed in the campground area. They are not allowed in any of the rental units. Please keep your pets leashed at all times when outside using a 6' or shorter leash. No electronic invisible leashes please. Clean up any excrement that is on walkways or mown areas. If other campers complain about loud or mean pets, you may be asked to take your pet from the campground.
Smoking - Smoking is not permitted in any of the buildings or rental units. Please be courteous to other campers near you when smoking. Ash trays are available for use at your campsite; just ask in the office.  Please do not throw your cigarettes onto the ground.  
Fireworks - Fireworks of any kind are not permitted.
Firearms - Firearms of any kind are not permitted.
Trash - Please put all trash in receptacles. Do not throw trash into the porta potties or fire rings. Trash will be picked up daily.

Cancellation Policy
Cancellations 0-7 days before a reservation forfeit any refund.
Cancellations 8+ days before a reservation will receive a full refund minus one night.
8+ days out, you may reschedule your trip in the same camping season, and you will not lose your payment. Call or email to reschedule.

Camp! Relax! Play! Enjoy!


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