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Livery will be closed July 22-August 1

En Gedi Canoe Livery

The En Gedi Canoe Livery is open to the public. Campers and non-camping
folks are welcome!  Advance reservations are required.  No drive ins, please. If making a same day reservation, please do so via phone or text only.

Pack up the family and come canoe the beautiful and historic St. Joseph River in St. Joseph County, MI.  Enjoy the serenity of paddling this winding, peaceful river. Spend time spotting wildlife or even do some fishing for bass, walleye or catfish. We offer shorter outings for families with kids, as well as all day outings for the dedicated outdoorsman. Choose from 9 trip options spanning from Sturgeon Lake in Colon, Michigan and ending as far as the Covered Bridge in Centreville, MI. Shuttle service is provided.

Please read our alcohol policy before booking with us. Reservations are required. Reservations may be made on the same day, but please give us sufficient time to get everything ready for you and check availability. No drive ins, please. Price of trip is for one canoe with 1-2 adults and one child, one kayak or one tube, life jackets, paddles and shuttle service. Weather and water level may alter the estimated trip times.

Trip departure times are your choice, first come first serve.
Earliest departure available is 10AM with the last boat out of the water by 7PM.

Sunday runs are available in the afternoon only beginning at 1PM. 
We cannot rent tubes and boats for the same trip.

Bringing your own canoe or kayak?  
We will transport your personal boat(s) according to the transport fees listed below with a minimum fee.  For example, if you want to do a Farrand Road drop off for one canoe, there would be a minimum fee of $25,  If you want to drop off at Farrand Rd. with five  kayaks, your total will be $30 ($6 per boat)  Sorry, we cannot transport personal tubes.

Transport Fees

Farrand Road - $6 per boat with a minimum fee of $25

Sturgeon Lake and Prairie Corners - $14 per boat with a minimum fee of $40
Mendon - $12 per boat with a minimum fee of $35

Covered Bridge - $20 per boat with a minimum fee of $45

  • Reservations are required.

  • If taking a trip that leave from En Gedi, you will need to take a cell phone with you in order to call for pick up.

  • The fee for a lost paddle or life jacket is $30.

  • Adults must sign a waiver / release for themselves as well as their minor children. You must be at least 18 to rent.

  • For trips ending at En Gedi: We load you and your equipment, drop you at your chosen location, and stay with you until you are confidently launched and heading down river.

  • For trips launching from En Gedi: Please bring a cell phone.  If you do not have a waterproof pouch, we can provide one.  

Suggestions of What to Bring:

   Your Child's Safety Seat for Bus Trip

   Insect Repellent 

   Layered clothing for changing weather 


   Water Shoes


   Bottled Water


Not Allowed:

►Glass Containers

►Styrofoam Coolers


►Underage or excessive drinking

►Hard Liquor

►More than one alcoholic beverage per     person per hour

►Trespassing on private property

Alcohol Policy:

En Gedi is a no alcohol campground, so any alcohol brought on your trip stays in a closed cooler while you are on the property. Have all containers returned to your cooler before docking at En Gedi or as soon as you reach your pick-up location. You are allowed one alcoholic beverage per person per hour, and we reserve the right to do a cooler check. If you plan to do excessive drinking, DO NOT call us. We reserve the right to refuse transportation to an intoxicated customer, and no refunds will be given.






Well behaved pets are allowed on the trips as long as they are transported in a carrier that will fit in our transport shuttle. A dog too large for a carrier will need to be transported personally by its owner.

Each participant or guardian of a minor will need to sign an insurance waiver before departure.  If you have a large group, please click here to download a printable waiver to collect all signatures ahead of time.  Bring the form with 

you upon check in.


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